FESCO New Connection | Online FESCO Application Form

If you’re living in Faisalabad and want to apply for a FESCO new connection, it can be done by filling an e-application form and simply submitting it. All you need to do is fill up the form and let FESCO ENC (Electricity New Connection) handle the rest of the tasks. The concerned department at pay FESCO bill initiates the application process promptly after form submission.

Feeling exhausted about the application process? Don’t worry! FESCO’s online bill system will handle it through proper channels and in a timely manner. The online new connection service resolves the need to visit the FESCO office and stand in long queues. Just apply from your home, and the online application process enables you to track your application status online.

Application for FESCO New Electricity Meter Connection 

For the online new connection application process, you have to visit the ENC (Electricity New Connection) system or the online application portal. FESCO’s new connection application form consists of 5 steps, each with its own sub-steps.

You must complete all the required fields thoroughly, ensuring that the information you provide is accurate. Please ensure you input relevant and authentic information; otherwise, your application will not be entertained. Before applying for a new connection, ensure you have the following documents

  • 1 copy of FESCO electricity bill of neigbor
  • Provide copy of your property ownership proof
  • One will provide attested copy of CNIC
  • One attested CNIC copy of witness
  • Wiring contractor’s test report of your house

FESCO New Connection Application Form Download

You can download FESCO application form here.

FESCO New Connection Process

  • Step 1: Open ENC online application portal on your desktop/laptop.
  • Step 2: Locate “apply” button on the homepage and click on it.
  • Step 3: Put neighbor’s reference number in the required field. Once you fill up it will automatically fill other fields such as Name and Address of your neighbor, the distribution company name, the corresponding sub-division name and code respectively. 
  • Step 4: You have to choose between the given details of the load. Suppose if you’re applying for a domestic connection, you’ll choose 5 KW, and for other connections like industrial and commercial, it will be above 5 KW.
  • Step 5: If you’re applying for residential, choose the Domestic type. For commercial connections, Agricultural and industrial options are also available.
  • Step 6: If you’re living in a rental house and applying for new connection opt “Tenant”  and if you own the house then opt “Landlord”
  • Step7: In next tab first write your full name with correct spellings and second fill it with your father/husband name.
  • Step 8: The next tab is citizenship, if you’re Pakistani choose first option and proceed to next Here, write your CNIC number along with your address 
  • Step 9: Next tab for mobile numbers, in field 1 write your personal mobile number, and in the other write second mobile number that could be your father/husband.
  • Step 10: This section is requiring for the contact details of that person who is acquiring the new connection, if its you then choose same as above and it will fill all the fields with information
  • Step 11: Here you’ll be asked for Premises details, if you’ve already installed electricity meter then mention here otherwise, opt “0”.
  • Step 12: In the next field you’re asking for load requirement for new electricity connection. Select your desired load. And mention your address where you want to install new meter.
  • Step 13: In this section you’ve to mention number of appliances are being used in your house. Suppose if you have one AC mention AC in the field and select quantity of the appliances in the next tab. After mentioning quantity you’to put load that is being consumed by electric appliances.
  • Add other appliances one by one by selecting “Add Row”.
  • Step 14: After filling the form next step is uploading of all the above mentioned scanned copies by clicking on browse button.
  • Step 15: Reread all the form and terms and conditions for FESCO new connection request form and hit the I Agree button.

For the submission of the form enable captcha and write numbers in the field and click “Submit” button.

How to Check FESCO New Meter Connection Status 

You’re provided by a tracking number right after the apply for new connection. This tracking number will help you to check the status of FESCO new connection application tracking.

  • Step 1: Head to ENC ( Electricity New Connection ) by hitting the button . (IDR BUTTON LGANA HAI)
  • Step2: Press the “Track” button situated on the webpage’s left side. A form will appear offering two options. 
  • Step3: Choose the first option to track the new connection application or opt for the latter option if you’re monitoring a change of name/tariff/load application.
  • Step4: Upon selecting the “new connection” application type, indicate the distribution company’s name and enter the tracking ID. Given that you’re obtaining a new connection from FESCO, select FESCO from the dropdown menu. 
  • Step5: Once you’ve chosen the company, enter the tracking number received during your online application submission.

FESCO Demand Notice

When you submit a new connection application, FESCO ENC team will inspect the whole application process and proceed till the end. Essentials will be monitored by ENC team such as, service line length, conductors and other necessary equipment needed in installation of the new meter connection. A demand notice will be issued after assessing all the required things.

“Review completed” or “Pay Demand Notice Fee” status will be showed on your application tracking page. Now, you’re able to download your demand notice voucher through ENC portal. 

How to Apply FESCO Demand Notice Online

  • Step 1: Navigate to the ENC Portal.
  • Step 2: Select the “Print” button located on the left side of the page.
  • Step 3: Once clicked, a form will appear on the right side prompting you to choose the application type opt for the new connection option.
  • Step 4: Following the selection of the application type, a field will request your new connection application tracking number. Enter the tracking number and click “Submit.”
  • Step 5: Subsequently, a demand notice form will open, providing options to “Download” or “Print.” Review the form and select your preferred choice accordingly.


To proceed application fast pay demand notice fee to your nearest bank.

How to Submit Demand Notice Online

After submitting the FESCO new connection fee you can apply for a demand notice application online. To apply on you must have scanned a copy paid demand notice fee. 

  • Visit to the ENC portal.
  • Choose the “upload” option, indicated in the image.
  • Set the application type as a new connection.
  • Enter your tracking number and proceed by clicking the submit button.
  • A window will prompt you to upload the scanned copy of the demand notice. Upload the file and then click the save button. This action will submit your demand notice to FESCO management.


Upon timely payment and uploading of the demand notice on the ENC portal, your new connection will be installed within 15 days according to the official procedure.

FESCO New Connection Demand Notice Fee 

The fees for the demand notice are determined by both fixed and variable charges. The variable charges, in turn, rely on factors such as the length of the service line, type of connection (single-phase or three-phase), and the location Rural or Urban.

Connection TypeCharges FESCO New connectionAmount
1Single Phase service connection (Rural) with 2 Core 10 sq mm PVC
1aLength of service line up to and including 40 meters4,000
1bLength of service line 41-100 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and one pole/structure)4,000 + Rs.200 per meter
1cLength of service line 101-160 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures16,000 + Rs.250 per meter
2Single Phase service connection (Urban) with 2 Core 10 sq mm PVC
2aLength of service line up to and including 40 meters4,000
2bLength of service line 41-100 meters(with one span of Ant Conductor and one pole/structure)4,000 + Rs.200 per meter
2cLength of service line 101-160 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures)16,000 + Rs.250 per meter
3Three Phase service connections (Both Urban & Rural) with 4 Core 10 sq mm PVC
3aLength of service line up to and including 40 meters15,000
3bLength of service line 41-100 meters(with one span of Ant Conductor and one pole/structure)15,000 + Rs.260 per meter
3cLength of service line 101-160 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures)30,600 + Rs.300 per meter
3dLength of service line 160-280 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures)48,600 + Rs.340 per meter