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Would you want to calculate your bill before it arrives at your door step? We offer a timeless effort through which you can check the Fesco bill using the Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company bill calculator that will show your estimated electricity bill. By using a bill calculator, you can get your actual bill in a split second.

How FESCO Online Bill Calculator Works

  • First, check the consumed electricity units for the current month’s bill.
  • Input the counted units into the FESCO bill calculator tab.
  • Your monthly bill amount will be displayed on your mobile or laptop.
  • Moreover, printed bill copies can be downloaded by clicking the “Print” button.
  • Open a new window on your device to select the location.
  • Within the new window, locate and access your bill print.
  • Choose the option to download the bill from the given options.
  • You can select the number of copies and pages for the bill here.
  • Users are also provided the choice to select the color of the bill copies.
  • To print the FESCO bill, press ‘Print’ or use ctrl + shift + P.

How FESCO Calculator Works to Check Per Unit Price

Amidst the growing inflation and increasing electricity rates, we all worry about managing expenses. An online bill calculator facilitates us to estimate bill before it arrives monthly at our doorstep. FESCO bill calculator will provide It enables us to calculate your electricity bill amount and make efforts to reduce the electricity consumption of number of units.

FESCO Bill Calculator

The Online FESCO bill calculator 2024 is updated with the new electricity prices ensuring an accurate calculation for the FESCO latest bills.

FESCO Connection Type

Before checking your FESCO bill online you must know about the connection type.

A1 (01) > Domestic (Single Phase)  A1 (03) > Domestic (Three Phase) A2 (04) > Commercial (Single Phase)

FESCO Bill Calculation Online

The bill calculator is designed to check domestic bills adding all types of taxes except FPA (Fuel price adjustment). To view commercial bills you’ve to go through the tariff for these connections. These rates are effective from July 2023.

Checking your FESCO bill is made easier with an online bill calculator. It remains updated with new tariff rates and seasonal changes.

FESCO Peak and Off-Peak Electricity Hours

Electricity Peak Hours KWH

The time of day when electricity costs per unit are higher is during FESCO’s peak hours. From April to October, peak hours are between 6:30 PM and 10:30 PM, while from November to March, they are from 6 PM to 10 PM

April to October from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM November to March from 6 PM to 10 PM

Electricity Off Peak Hours 

The time of day when electricity costs are lower is during off-peak hours, which fall between 11:00 PM and 6:00 PM

11:00 PM and 6:00 PM
  • Peak Hours / Off Peak Hours KWH
  • Peak Hours / Off Peak Hours KWH
  • Peak Hours / Off Peak Hours MDI

Other Essentials of FESCO Bill Estimator

  • Meter Rent: (If Applicable)- It is your meter’s fee and it is also included in your monthly electricity bill.
  • Service Rent: (If Applicable)- it’s the charge fee of delivering electricity to your connection it includes all infrastructure 
  • Arrears: These refers to the unpaid amount of last month bill.
  • No. Of TV Sets
  • STRN Available: Sales Tax Registration Number
  • Sales Tax For Retailers Exempt
  • ED Exempt: Electricity Duty Exemption
  • GST Exempt
  • IT Exempt
  • Monthly Tax Return-File
  • NTN/GST Registered
  • Additional Sales Tax to Marble & Granite Industry

Perks of Using FESCO Bill Calculator

Using the FESCO electricity bill calculator comes with several perks that can make managing your energy costs much easier. First, it provides a quick and accurate estimate of your monthly electricity bill, allowing you to budget and plan accordingly. The calculator also helps you analyze your energy usage and identify areas where you can potentially save money by reducing consumption. Additionally, it can be used to compare different price plans and determine if you could benefit from switching to a more cost-effective option. Overall, the FESCO electricity bill calculator empowers consumers to make informed decisions about their energy usage and expenses, ultimately leading to more efficient and cost-effective energy management.


For analog meters, Note the numbers on each dial from left to right.

Record the smaller number if the pointer falls between two numbers.

Your reading is the sequence of these noted numbers.

For the digital meter, Just record the number shown on the screen.

Consumed units get multiplied by current tariff rate and exclude prescribed sections that are exempted  by the government will give actual amount of bill.

Consumed units get multiplied by current tariff rate and exclude prescribed sections that are exempted  by the government will give actual amount of bill.